Construction of Kings Tower started in 2006 and was finished in 2007 and was part of the Bus Station redevelopment Kings Tower has 12 floors and 72 Apartments. the average price paid for these apartments over the past year is around £236.500.

This is High Bridge Road at night the bridge was built around 1994 and crosses both the River Can and River Chelmer forming a link between Springfield Road and Parkway.

This photo was taken this morning this area is what stops Chelmsford getting flooded after prolonged heavy rain this meadow gets covered in water and looks like a giant lake.

The Bridge or Viaduct that crosses the Chelmer and Blackwater was built in 1932 and is soon to be replaced. A new Viaduct will be built first then the old one will be demolished.

This old Automatic Weir may be an eyesore but without it Chelmsford would be in serious trouble for its this weir that stops the city centre from flooding.