Overnight temperatures in Chelmsford fell below freezing and they don't look like they will be getting over 4 C until the weekend.

For the rest of the week we can expect early morning frosts and overnight temperatures of around -2 to -3  with temperatures of 1-3 C during the day.

Chelmsford's roads and paths are likely to be icy and slippery so please be careful when you're out on the roads and on foot.


Here's a list of all the Chelmsford 2015 Festivals.

The list will be updated as new information is released.


Shortest-Day-Chelmsford-2014Today is winter Solstace which is the shortest day and longest night of the year.

After today the days will start getting a bit longer day by day.

Heres a picture taken today on a cold, windy and grey Winter Solstace.

Demolition work is taking place by the old Waterfront Restaurant and some of the old derelict buildings have been torn down making way for the New Waterfront Place Development. Here are some photo's of the old buildings that have now gone or will be torn down very shortly.