Chelmsford Film Festival is a new festival for Chelmsford with 4 events spanning over 4 days at various locations around the city.


The Events

7th June - Opening Night at Everyman Cinema

8th June - Networking Night at Grand Central

9th June - Screening Night at Everyman Cinema and The Cramphorn Theatre

10th June - Awards Ceremony at Transition


Opening Night

The opening night was held at Everyman cinema, Andy Poole interviewed Chris Cook one of the festival organisers and a VFX artist at Framestore, Chris has personally worked on Gravity, Guardians Of The Galaxy and Beauty And The Beast.

chelmsford film festival opening night 2017

Left To Right Alice Lowe, Chris Cook, Carl Strathie and Charlette Kilby


Next up was an interview with Solis director Carl Strathie and producer Charlette Kilby. The final interview of the night was with comedy actress and writer Alice Lowe. Alice wrote and appeared in the films Sightseers and Prevenge. Alice has also starred in 8 other films and 24 TV shows (mainly comedy)

chelmsford film festival alice lowe

Andy Poole interviews Alice Lowe


Screening Night

A variety of short films, documentaries and music videos were screened at Everyman Cinema and The Cramphorn Theatre.

chelmsford film festival cramphorn theatre


Short Films

Gone, Impact, The Lock-In, Homer, Balcony, Plane, Dog Days, Whoever Was Using This Bed, In Retrospect, Padlock, Felix, Breathe.


Gift Of Life, A Game Of Chess.

Music Videos

Weather The Storm, Cure, Hollow - Desperate Journalist, The Birth Place Of Radio, A Hidden Stone.

Under 5 Minutes

Save, Late Request, School Of Shock.

chelmsford film festival ben hyland

Ben Hyland

chelmsford film festival jonas dinal

Jonas Dinal interviewed by Peter Johnson

chelmsford film festival keith lynch

Keith Lynch

chelmsford film festival melissa de mol phil peel

Phillip Peel & Melissa De Mol


Awards Night

The awards night was held at Transition and presented by Actress and TV Presenter Michelle Orpe.

chelmsford film festival crowd

The Crowd

chelmsford film festival michelle orpe

Michelle Orpe

chelmsford film festival awards

The Awards


Chelmsford Film Festival Award Winners

Best Short Film

Sweet Maddie Stone

Audience Choice Award


Best Mini Short

School of Shock

chelmsford film festival tippy elgar mollie sumner

Mollie Sumner And Tippy Elgar


Best Music Video

Weather the Storm

Best Documentary

A Game of Chess

chelmsford film festival andy pinkney andy gillan

Andy Pinkney and Alistair Gillan


Best Director

Brady Hood – Sweet Maddie Stone

Best Screenplay

Jonas Dinal – Plane

chelmsford film festival jonas dinal 2

Jonas Dinal and Carl Mackenzie


Best Actor

John Connors – Breathe

Best Actress

Jessica Barden – Sweet Maddie Stone

Best Cinematography

Kate Reid – Trial

Best Score

Fabien Adamini - Plane

Best Editing

Gareth Scales - Trial

chelmsford film festival marc miller Shahbaz Sheikh

Marc Miller and Shahbaz Sheikh

chelmsford film festival crew and winners

The Festival Organisers and Award Winners

chelmsford film festival crew

The Chelmsford Film Festival Organisers

Left to right Marc Miller, Carl Mackenzie, Andy Pinkney and Chris Cook


More Chelmsford Film Festival Photos

Opening Night

Official Screenings

Awards Night

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