The Sculpture Trail 2015 is taking place throughtout September at Hylands Park, various Sculptures from local artists have been displayed around the park.The Sculpture Trial is a free event

Here are some of the sculptures that are on show


Stephen Foster

"The inspiration for this was a small head in poor condition that I saw it was a gem of an idea to revel in the fact that no head is symmetrical and to take this idea to a plausible extreme.

I intend to scale this down in order to carve a stone version 400 high this is reverse to normal to produce a small Maquette and to scale up I feel more comfortable large re and polystyrene is an ideal material to work in to resolve any undetermined aspects of sculpture"


The Mayan

Stephen Foster



Graham Thrussell

"I am an Artist / Blacksmith originating from Braintree Essex I create art from my workshop The Forgery Metal Art

Since childhood my passion has always been for art and I now combine my skills as an engineer, toolmaker and blacksmith with that love of art to create artistic metal structures"



Nicole Desbates


The Welsh Lady

Cherry Ann Hall


Clay Leaves

Children's Exhibit

"During the summer holidays children participated in a clay leaf making activity and we were delighted that they were happy to make a leaf for us to exhibit during the Hylands sculpture trial the children have made some beautiful pieces inspired by the shapes and textures to be found in nature it was wonderful to watch the children make such careful observations becoming so absorbed in the creative process and clearly showing such appreciation for the natural environment"


Leaping Hare

Stephen Foster

"This is a scaled up version of the Maquette displayed at Hylands in the spring of 2014 it conveys the exuberance of spring by playing with the proportions"


Hanging Seeds

Viv Cousins

The seeds represent children and are wrapped in string to show that they are precious and cared for because they are such special gifts.



Steve Johansen

"A Bull is the adult male of the species Bos Taurus since before recorded history the bull has held a significant place in human culture, appeared in cave paintings over 17000 years, in the zodiac and throughout mythology Taurus has represented strength, power and even fertility. With this in mind I wanted to capture the Power, strength and single mindedness juxtaposed against grace and beauty.


Silent Bells

Sorcha Ince

"These silent bells chime a welcome to the 2015 Hylands Sculpture Trial"


How Much Are Those Doggies On The Lawn?

Jolanta Jagiello

"The title of this sculpture is based on a Lita Roza song that reached number 1 in the UK in 2009 Patti Page recorded a version of the song with a new title 'Did you see that doggie in the shelter?' in the hope of emphasising the adoption of homeless animals these 3 doggies have been successfully re homed and are enjoying themselves here in the stables"


Stacked Seeds

Viv Cousins

"Each stack indicates a family the seeds represent the individuals family members often look alike but have different personalities and characteristics"


Pea Pod Family

Viv Cousins

"Here the artist likens her role as a mother to that of a pea pod to protect and nurture those cocooned within her loving embrace"


Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Jolanta Jagiello